420 Deals


Every day (4.19-4.23)

$100 out the door ounces

$50 OTD half ounces

8 grams of sugar wax for $200

Happy hour grams all day (no limit; that is still a $168 ounce at that price

25% off Tshirts, FR merchandise

25% off all paraphrenalia


Daily Deals



Incredibles 30% off (vendor will be on site)

$20 out the door grams of Rockin’ Extracts

40% off ALL glass

$25 out the door Stash boxes



20% off all Moonrocks and Caviar

20% off all Elixers AND buy 100mg or 3 of the 10mg drinks, get a free shot glass; buy 200mg or 6 single servings and get a free pint glass



20% off ALL gummies, puffs, ect.

20% off Vape pens and cartridges

Spend $200, get a free Tshirt

$20 grams of Lab710 budders, ALL shatter

25% off Live Resins, Rosins

30% off Edipure Classics line



20% off ALL chocolates

20% off ALL salves, lotions, Mary’s Medicinals products

20% off ALL tinctures


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