How much can I legally buy per day?

Adults may purchase up to 28 grams of flower, or its equivalent, per transaction. An eighth (3.5 grams) of flower is equivalent to 1 gram of concentrates OR 100mg of edibles.

Who can purchase at the dispensary?

All adults, age 21 and up, with a non-expired form of ID.

What are acceptable ID types?

• State-issued Driver’s License from any State
• Military ID
• Indian Tribe Enrollment ID
• Passport
• Passport Card (International guests may ONLY provide a passport for identification, including our friends from Canada)
** All IDs must be current, non-expired **

What are the restrictions on where I can smoke?

You are permitted to smoke in any private residence and on private property where ownership allows smoking. It is illegal to smoke on public property, including in State and National parks.

Do I have to provide any personal info?

Just your ID to verify your age. We will not record or make any copies of your information.

Do you ship?


What can I take out of state?

Nothing. Products containing even trace amounts of marijuana are not allowed to be taken across state lines. No exceptions.

What strains do you carry?

Glad you asked. Our menu is updated daily, and on multiple platforms – for your convenience! Check out our products page or Weedmaps listing for more information.

How much wax/concentrate am I allowed to purchase?

Adults may purchase up to 8 grams of concentrates per transaction.

How many edibles can I buy?

Adults may purchase up to 800mg of edibles daily. That is equivalent to eight, 100mg edibles.

Do I have to have a medical card?

No. We offer recreational products at both locations. Anyone 21 and over, with a valid ID, may make a purchase. We also offer medical products at our location on Freedom Road. Medical products require a Med Card for purchase.

Can I openly discuss marijuana in the store?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it. We want to help you make an informed purchase that best fits your needs.

What is the difference between flower & concentrates?

Flower is the term used to describe the actual bud. Concentrates are an extracted form of marijuana that are much more potent than flower.